Founding and galvanizing services

FAM Technika Odlewnicza Ltd. is one of Poland’s most notable and world renown manufacturers and suppliers of pressure castings (from zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys). We offer high quality and affordable products, all the while ensuring professional care of our specialists and highly qualified service.

Operating in the B2B segment, we constantly care for the high quality of our castings from the first stages of the process, which is why we only use the highest quality resources from reliable suppliers. Catering to varied requirements of our customers, we deliver raw details as well as processed and finished according to the customers’ expectations. The casts from zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys find their applications in multiple trades: construction, furnishing, illumination, automotive, electrical, sanitary, electric engineering and many more.

The process of detail surface preparation is always adjusted to the requirements of specific products. Constant monitoring of the composition of electrolytic coating and perfecting of production technologies is carried out in a chemical laboratory equipped with specialist control and measurement devices. The technical properties of the coatings produced by FAM are under systematic surveillance. Measurements are carried out regarding their thickness, as well as their corrosion resistance in a special salt spray chamber. Our many years of experience in the field of electrolytic coating application allows us to achieve the highest quality of products. Our offer includes coating of zamak, steel and brass products with electrolytic layers (zinc with thick immunization, satin chrome, nickel, gold, brass as well as patina and copper).

An appropriate technical infrastructure in the form of technological lines, our own tool shop and construction office allows for quick adjustment of production to market demands. We specialize in the manufacturing of metal pressure casting forms. Thanks to having our own construction office and cooperation with other departments of our company we are able to comprehensively carry out the customer’s order: the design and execution of the ordered form (as well as its later introduction into the production process), mechanical treatment (milling, CNC, drilling, rolling, polishing, manual processing), electric-corrosive treatment, servicing and technical advice. Such types of services allow to speed up the order execution duration and decrease the risk of errors. Our Tools Department also carries out orders which encompass designing the construction of the manufactured product with the incorporation of casting and injection forms, which makes it possible to significantly limit production defects due to faulty construction.

Our unique technological skills coming from many years of experience on the market along with production capabilities allow us to meet the highest quality requirements. The reliability of the FAM Company is confirmed by the introduced quality management system (certified by ISO 9001: 2000) as well as the satisfaction of customers who trusted in our competence, experience and professional approach.

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