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About the company

FAM Technika Odlewnicza Sp. z o.o. is one of the most significant in Poland and world-renowned producers and suppliers of construction and furniture accessories. It is the creator of the highest quality die-casts from zinc, aluminium, magnesium alloys and plastic materials. Constantly growing part of our production (over 30%) is composed of founding services, which is detail making adjusted to customer’s individual needs, and galvanizing and painting services.

The credibility of the company is confirmed by the introduced quality management system supported by ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.
By offering high quality of products, the flexibility of services, working creativity and experience; we acquire long-term partnership and trust of our customers.


The flexibility of service…
… the range of FAM markets is national and international, that’s why we put great emphasis on the selling process by creating retail chains, proxy networks, trading agreements, product and geography wise segmentation of potential customer markets, price flexibility and transaction terms.

Creative working...
... each month we create and introduce a production of several new products, we introduce new solutions to the market, thus rivalling with the leading international competitors.

Experienced staff...
…the strongest assets of our company are its employees, who can fulfil the customers’ expectations. We have entered construction and technical partnerships with multiple partners, making the fast development of new products possible.


FAM Technika Odlewnicza Sp. z o.o. is a company with long experience in die casting (till 2004 we operated under name of Fabryka Akcesoriów Meblowych S.A.). In mid-nineties Company changed the profile of production and began to manufacture accessories for the construction industry and gained a strong position on the market.

During the last years FAM TO Sp. z o.o. entered international markets, FAM TO products are manufactured mainly from zinc and aluminium alloy (ZnAl).

Diversification of resources helped the Company to limit the risk of prices increase and enabled the Company to introduce magnesium (Mg) and aluminium (Al) pressure die casting.

Operation profile

FAM TO Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of zinc (ZnAl), magnesium, aluminium and plastic alloys.

We offer:

  • Accessories for the construction industry: hinges, handles, fitting, door furniture.
  • Product for furniture, e.g. holders, hinges, eccentric joint.
  • Zinc alloy for electrical engineering, household appliances and automotive,  Interior décor, bathroom, lighting fittings and other equipment.
  • Magnesium alloy e.g. casing, clamp, shake-out bail, rings, arms for Automotive, furniture, construction, medical devices industry and other metal lines.
  • Aluminium alloy e.g. tubes, gearbox housing, and other for automotive field.
  • Die casting services.
  • Spectrometer services.

Our wide experience, unique advanced technology and manufacture potential enable us to meet any demands regarding the highest quality. Our firm was granted ISO 9001 Certificate and TUV Management Service GmbH ISO 9001:2000 Certificate. Our adequate technical potential namely technological lines, tool room and design office enable us to tailor production to market trends and demands. Products of our company are known for high quality and we possess a chain of wholesaler outlets and overseas departments.

FAM TO Sp. z o.o.   is well known on international markets as well. We export e.g. fittings for the construction industry, ZnAl, Mg, Al alloys and we supply electroplating services. Much of our export comprise tool services that is die casting forms and tools making. Germany is our main international market but the Russian market grows and every year we export there more products. Our products are also available in Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia. Since 2003 our export to other western markets has increased– mainly to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and England.

Company Board

The Executive Board: 

Grzegorz Pelczar - Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors:

Maciej Mańkowski - Managing director

Information concerning Company

Identification data

FAM-Technika Odlewnicza Sp. z o.o.
86-200 Chełmno, ul. Polna 8, Poland

National Court Register No. 0000266071
Taxpayer Identification Number: 5252375707

Seed Capital: 56.065.000 PLN
Paid in Capital: 56.065.000 PLN

Technical Potential

Our Company employ four main technologies in respect of metal treatment and two methods in respect of electroplating.

Zinc alloy department applies die casting of metals and initial treatment. We produce zinc alloys for automotive, construction, furniture and electro engineering market with the use of FRIEDRICH - PFUDERER and FRECH hot working moulding press of 20-260 tons tonnage. Our machineries (DAW- 20, DMZ-50, DAW-50, DMZ-80, DAW-125RC, DMM-B-260T, Castmatic Z-180 - 15 machineries in total) provide for complete control over the production process.

Most of our production is exported to international markets.

FAM possesses also injection moulding machines that enable us to produce many kinds of plastic and application of zinc and magnesium e.g. we produce metal-plastic handles on Krauss – Maffei injection moulding machine.

Light alloys department produces complex accessories from magnesium and aluminium purposed for construction, furniture, automotive and electro engineering market. This department has been equipped with 5 Frech machineries using hot chambers and purposed for magnesium alloys– German machineries known for technical potential and of 340-ton tonnage. Two machineries are used for casting and the whole line includes also robot collecting items from forms, cooling tunnel and spraying device-all devices provide for complete automatics of the process. These machineries enable casting of complicated items from 30 to 1500 gram – according to used form.

This department is also equipped with Buhler 66 machinery purposed for aluminium alloys with use of cold working technology. The whole line includes also the furnace, flowing device, robot collecting items from forms, cooling tunnel. Silumin (high silicone aluminium alloy) characterize with very good castability and machinability enabling to cast items of complicated shape. This machinery enables to cast items of 350- 3500 grams mass.

This department is equipped also with two hydraulic presses of 160-ton strength purposed for cut runners and devices for drilling and threading of holes as well as with grinding machines for finishing and preparation for the application of layer.

Magnesium and aluminium products are the main segments of production of FAM.

Machining and plastic forming department specializes in:

  • machining (straight sliding) of small items with INDEX RN-8, INDEX RN-12, ATS automatic lathes- to produce steel bars and wires of 8 mm max. diameter.
  • plastic forming of steel items through cold pressing and forging.

Layer and surface treatment department is a place where items undergo finishing that is mainly preparation for varnishing and electroplating. Items are subjected to polishing and grinding or abrasive machining. We work on ROSLER R-420, ROSLER R- 620, ROSLER R – 780, ROSLER R – 1050 vibratory machines, disk sanders and polishing machines.

This department possesses three electroplating lines:

  • drum line for zinc layer application
  • racking line
  • drum line for nickel application

After finishing of production products are sent to the assembly department and packaging department. The Company possesses adequate technical potential, tool room and a design office. Advanced hardware and software 3D CAD/CAM (Pro/Engineer) provides for a prompt change of production regarding market trends and demand.

The company possess metrology lab equipped with basic controlling apparatus indispensable for measurement of produced items and collection of tools.

FAM possesses also SPECTRO SPEKTROMAXx spectrometer for analyzing of the chemical content of zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Certificates, prizes and awards


Prizes and awards

Compaint Bylaws


Compaint Bylaws (PDF)

General sale conditions

Dear Sirs, We hereby present you below Sale Conditions of Goods and Services offered by FAM – Technika Sp. z.o.o.


1. The company FAM –TO carries out Sale of Goods and Services upon obtaining a written order from the Buyer.

2. Orders should be submitted by the Buyer at least on the following dates:
1) for STANDARD GOODS – 14 days in advance,
2) for NON-STANDARD GOODS – 21 days in advance

Shorter dates of completion shall be possible in case of possessing ordered goods by FAM-TO in the storehouse.

3. Minimal order for the following GOODS:
1) STANDARD: an overall package for instance: window handles 20 units, door handles 20 units
2) NON-STANDARD: 500 units for window handles, 40 units for door handles.

4. In the course of submission the first order the Buyer should send the following data on his/her company:

  • updated extract from the National Court Register (KRS) or the extract from business activity records,
  • certificate of assigning Tax Identification Number (NIP),
  • certificate of assigning REGON number [National Business Registry Number],
  • afterwards updated extract from the National Court Register or excerpt from the business activity records should be sent by the Buyer once a year and each time upon request of FAM-TO.

5. Upon obtaining written order FAM-TO should conform to the Buyer acceptance of the order for completion within three business days. In the confirmation of order acceptance FAM-TO shall define condition of performance thereof and in case they differ from those specified by the Buyer in the order and the Buyer will not send his resignation from order in writing with three business days following receipt of confirmation, then sale should be carried out upon conditions defined by FAM-TO in its confirmation of order acceptance.

6. The company FAM-TO reserves itself the right that ordered goods shall not be delivered to the Buyer in case of payment arrears of the Buyer in relation to the company FAM-TO.

7. The goods which have not been paid by the Buyer shall remain the property of the company FAM-TO.

8. In case of payment in the course of acceptance of the goods this payment should be made upon terms and conditions and on the date set forth in the invoice. Statutory interest shall be imposed on the Buyer by the company FAM-TO for untimely payment for the goods.

9. Submission of the order by the Buyer to the company FAM-TO shall mean that the Buyer has accepted those conditions which will be effective for all transactions between the Parties.

Window handles of the length of tang L10, L30, L32, L35, L37, L38, L40 and L45
RAL 9016, RAL 8019, RAL 9005, RAL 9010, K10 ;
c. STANDARD GALVANIC COATINGS according to “template of galvanic coatings colours” included in the catalogue.