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Polmont belongs to POLMONT GmbH German Capital Group and supplies services with reference to zinc, magnesium, aluminium, brass and bronze die casting. We offer full service regarding orders execution starting from form designing, construction, die casting and finishing of surface.



Ficosa International has got 50 year worldwide experience regarding production and development of automotive components and systems. Firm operates mainly in automotive field and is known for many innovations and technological research. Firm policy is to develop and manufacture components that fulfil expectations of the most demanding clients.



ADOLF WÜRTH GmbH & Co. is a worldwide leader regarding production of product for industry. This company operates in 81 countries with 340 independent firms linked in terms of capital with the Concern. It offers over 56 thousand products, including manual and electric engineering tools, connecting links (screws, nuts, top bolts, washers, etc.) furniture accessories, chemical products, products for machining and the full equipment for a storehouse or a workshop. Sale in 2004 exceeded 6.2 billion EURO.



Winkhaus Polska is manufacturer and distributor of door and window furniture. Winkhaus Polska sales and exports these products to majority of countries from East Europe. Besides own products it offers some other window and door accessories. For regular customers we offer WH-OKNA program for constructing and calculating of window and door furniture. Dealers operates this program what provides for close cooperation and making contact between a producer and seller of accessories. Firm also offers and provides training in the  marketing and technical field as well as consultancy and assistance with applying for grants from European Funds.



FAKRO is a leader regarding manufacture and sales of roofing window in Poland and it is one of leading firms in the world that has got 17% share in a global market. FAKRO also produces window accessories e.g.  blinds, curtain, indoor or outdoor roller-blind,  drivers, outdoor sunshade, remote control systems, smoke extraction systems. FAKRO is the world leader regarding manufacture of folding attic staircase.


VBH Polska Company is a trade firm that specialize in sale of accessories for wooden and PCV windows and other items purposed for door and window frames e.g. varnishes and preservatives, window handles and door sets, chemical products, gaskets, drip cap, door and window hinges, indoor and outdoor window sills, door locks and bolts, screws and tools for accessories assembly, etc. Company thriving operation resulted in entering new market segments as supplying services for large building projects, furniture accessories, designing and providing of equipment for paint shop.

Fabryka Mebli FORTE S.A.

FORTE Furniture Plant starter operation in 1992 and since that it has been a leading producer of in Poland. Company has been listing on the Warsaw Securities Exchange since 1996. It is a pillar of FORTE Capital Group consisting at present from 12 trade and manufacturing companies (operating in Poland and overseas). Export production of Company comprises above 60% of the total sale.


Schüring company is a pioneer in the field of PCV windows manufacturing. At present company offers: the full program for PCV windows and doors manufacture.


Artec Fenster is  a distributor of complex solutions for PCV windows through wide distribution network and is recognized as one of main deliverers in Europe.


SATEL is privately own firm with 100% Polish capital that operates in the field of designing, production and sale of the highest quality electronic devices. Offer of SATEL includes emergency switchboard, signalling devices, sensors, monitoring stations, remote control drivers, screen dividers and power pack.


DRUTEX Public Company is the biggest producer of PVC frames in Poland. Offer includes windows, doors, wooden and aluminium façade. DRUTEX Public Company is a modern firm that employs the most advanced technological solutions in production process.


TBM is a leader in the field of distribution of accessories for production of windows, doors and furniture  in Russia. The firm expands operation and enters new segments of  market every year by opening new departments, affiliates and trade agencies. Lately TBM entered on market of Far East and Kazakhstan.


Proplex belongs to PROPLEX group that operates in the field of production and distribution of materials for aluminium and PCV windows, doors manufacture on Russian market. Windows are produced with leading Austrian technologies.


VICOLINE is the biggest distributor of the high quality construction   accessories and furniture made by European producers.


Firm is an important distributor of accessories for windows and doors production in Europe.



Barbier is distributor of furniture and construction accessories in Belgium and Luxemburg.  The main focus of Company is to provide high quality products and client service. Barbier cooperates with manufacturers of construction accessories possessing ISO Certificates to guarantee high quality products and services.


Acbat operates in the field of distribution of accessories for manufacturers of aluminium and PCV furniture on the territory of France. Acbat possesses a wide network of outlets and client service centres to provide prompt delivery. To provide product of high quality the firm cooperates with manufacturers of accessories for construction industry that maintain ISO procedures and meet quality requirement of the French market.

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